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There are many possibilities!
These images illustrate colors of some Landscape Series wall installations created by Nicholson Blown Glass;
however they are ready to address your desires. With your paint or fabric swatch,
they are able to create a glass color sample for your approval.
Images may be Photoshopped onto your space to help you visualize the finished installation.

Think overlapping or spread out. Think vertical, horizontal, diagonal or ceiling.

The Nicholson's have a painterly approach to color. The pieces intentionally flow together and relate to one another so as to create a whole.

See Wave Bowls and Landscape for more color options.

Ordering Guidelines

Nicholson Blown Glass

aqua, lagoon, dark topaz, bone
44 "W x 44 "H

Nicholson Blown Glass

The Blues
aqua, lagoon, grey, bone
90 "W x 46 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Land Trust

sage, dark topaz, amethyst, garnet, sahara
40 "W x 40 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass


black, brown, sage, green, bone, gold topaz
90 "W x 42 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Bear River

sage, steel, lagoon, wheat, abergine
40 "W x 40 "H
Pele Nicholson Blown Glass

red, aqua, amethyst, gold topaz, pine
112"W x 48 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Wheat Fields

sage, steel, wheat, burgundy
40 "W x 40 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Green Ravine

burgundy, sage, pine, wheat, coral, gold topaz
90 "W x 40 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Sea Breeze

lagoon, aqua, brown, wheat
42"W x 42 "H

Red Rock Point Nicholson Blown Glass

Red Rock Point

sage, lagoon, dark topaz, coral, wheat
90 "W x 40 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Sea Grass

lagoon, sage, brown, abergine, bone
80"W x 40"H
Nicholson Blown Glass

Garnet Hill

garnet, dark topaz, bone, black
76 "W x 40 "H
Nicholson Blown Glass


brown, black, grey, dark topaz, bone, wheat
80"W x 40 "H
Pacheco Pass Nicholson Blown Glass

Pacheco Pass
gold topaz, steel, bone, aqua, black
84"W x 40"H

Pathways Nicholson Blown Glass


coral, dark topaz, lagoon, bone
98"W x 45 "H

Nicholson Blown Glass

Ribbon Dance
coral, sage, steel, wheat
98 "W x 45 "H
Point Reyes Nicholson Blown Glass

Point Reyes
sage, gold topaz, amethyst, coral, pine
84 "W x 45 "H


gold topaz, aqua, coral, sage, pine
84"W x 54 "H

Winter Nicholson Blown Glass

white, black, garnet
56"W x 24 "H



sage, gold topaz, sahara, red

96 "W x 40 "H

Commercial and residential custom installations are welcome.

individual custom steel brackets for wall application and steel structures for
the ceiling are created in the Nicholson Studio and
are painted or powder coated to compliment wall color.

installation services available or template and instructions included .

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